Charity Work & Volunteering

I am honoured and humbled to be able to give an enormous amount of time, energy and knowledge to a variety of charities on a voluntary basis. It is very important to me, at this stage in my life and career, to give back to society and the community wherever I can.

I have been a pro-active advisor to the Governments Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) and I am a Forum Member for the IICSA attending meetings in the North of the UK supporting and giving advice 

Proud Ambassador of Voicing CSA CIC

Voicing CSA is a charity supporting victims and survivors of child sexual abuse both current and non-current and giving a voice in a safe place for victims and survivors to come forward. I travel Yorkshire and Humberside with the charity speaking and raising awareness of the child sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation and domestic violence and abuse all of which overlap.

I am qualified to teach and train Child Sexual Exploitation(CSE)  in the Community.

Bookings are welcomed, please feel to contact me through my contact page or send me an email.

“Elaine has spoken at a number of Voicing CSA meetings and has since become an Ambassador for the organisation and is a much valued member of our team. Elaine’s expertise and passion has been key in helping to shape Voicing CSA into what it has become today. Her professionalism is integral to being her; a wonderful lady with much compassion, understanding and kindness. I value her as a colleague and friend who has supported me both personally and professionally; I’m honoured to know and work with her.” Founder Voicing CSA UK CIC

Supporter of Shatter Boys UK CIC

Shatter Boys UK is a charity supporting male victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, exploitation, assault and rape both current and non-current. They offer one to one and group peer support in a variety of locations in the North of the UK and are currently rolling out their service throughout the UK. I travel Yorkshire & Humberside with the charity speaking raising awareness of child sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation and domestic abuse and violence all of which overlap.

“Male victims as well as female find Elaine approachable and understanding. They feel comfortable speaking to her; she has a good listening ear. She is trustworthy, steadfast and definitely a safe pair of hands at any event. I recommend you draw on her extensive knowledge and experience, you won’t be disappointed. We at Shatter Boys are proud to have her as an Ambassador for our organisation.” Founder Shatter Boys UK CIC


Proud Co-Facilitator with my colleague Karen of the Hashtag #CSAQT Twitter chat/discussion group on a Monday evening from 6-7pm giving a voice in a safe place for discussion of challenging topics that affect victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. Please join us if you would like using the hashtag #CSAQT

“You are wonderful, Elaine. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge, wisdom, support and commitment.” Athena Moberg, Co-Facilitator of #CSAQT @CSAQT chat USA on Twitter

The Butterfly Project & Chrysalis Centre – Uganda

For many years now I have assisted in helping to set up and run The Butterfly Project and Chrysalis Centre in Uganda with an amazing man, Mr. Ben Parkinson. The two centers support and educate young highly able entrepreneurs from very poor low income (in some cases no income) families in rural Uganda. I have had the pleasure of assisting with writing training materials, curriculum and mentoring young people over the internet with language and writing skills. Ben and I also endeavored to set a similar center up in rural Nigeria.

“Elaine has been a long-time advisor to the Butterfly Project, Nigeria and Uganda and her depth of knowledge in gifted children has helped me to understand the the issues and challenges that crop up within our projects and has helped our young people to succeed and become social entrepreneurs.” Mr. Ben Parkinson, CEO of Social Enterprise Africa, The Butterfly Project & The Chrysalis Centre

Inspirational Speaking

I deliver speeches on topics associated with child sexual abuse, exploitation, trafficking, FGM, honour-based violence, domestic abuse and violence and all areas of education. I speak to raise awareness of these insidious crimes as well as educate in the long term effects of PTSD and cPTSD and the brain and mental health. I also speak to educate about coercive control, grooming, gaslighting and love bombing.

Please view my videos above of me speaking at a few events.


I proudly volunteer for the following organisations:

  • Voicing CSA National
  • Shatter Boys UK Manchester
  • St Augustines Halifax
  • Beacon Bradford
  • The Chrysalis Centre, Uganda
  • The Butterfly Project, Uganda
  • IICSA Forum