Coaching, Mentoring & Advocacy

Coaching & Mentoring

I have a counseling and psychology certificate and coach and mentor clients both in the UK and worldwide by telephone, email or skype.

I assist clients in all areas of trauma, abuse and education offering legal advice in education, signposting to other agencies and multi-agency working with health visitors, police, school nurse, social workers, probation officers, teachers.

I am also a counselor and often get asked to be on duty at charity functions and events when a victim or survivor may require support, a listening ear, is triggered by a subject matter being discussed or even may wish to make a disclosure.

“I came upon Elaine Hook through social media. She immediately understood the issues and was able to provide me with clear, accessible information sheets, which have been shared with his school. Elaine freely gave her time to review a psychology report, paperwork and provided insightful comments and guidance. I am truly grateful for her valuable input.” Parent of a child with High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Gifted & Talented, Australia


I advocate for victims and survivors of current and non-current child sexual abuse and exploitation and victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence as well as many minority groups. I campaign against Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG) and advocate and campaign for better knowledge and understanding of male child sexual abuse, rape, assault and female on male domestic abuse and violence.

I currently advocate for Voicing CSA, Shatter Boys UK, DVUK, Hestia, Women’s Aid, Refuge, Survivors Manchester, IICSA and many more organisations.

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“Elaine is highly qualified, well-educated and runs a successful education consultancy business. She is highly empathetic and is gifted with a human touch. I have witnessed her work first hand in a supportive role both online and in person.” Founder Shatter Boys UK CIC

McKenzie Friend

I am a qualified McKenzie Friend and can offer advice and support to Refugees and Asylum Seekers as well as anyone suffering any form of CSA, CSE, domestic abuse or violence. I can also assist in supervised or unsupervised Child Contact Centres with parental contact with their children. Please do contact me if I can be of assistance.

A McKenzie friend assists a litigant in person in a court of law in England and Wales. This person does not need to be legally qualified. Litigants in person are entitled to have assistance, lay or professional unless there are exceptional circumstances.

I trained at Beacon Bradford.