Inspirational Speaker

“Elaine’s work is second to none; she has full understanding of victims and survivors of abuse and the survivor legacy issues that they face. More importantly for me she understands how to support them in moving forward and grabbing hold of their lives and taking back control.” Founder of Shatter Boys UK CIC

I deliver inspirational talks and speeches on topics associated with child sexual abuse (CSA), exploitation (CSE), trafficking, FGM, honour-based violence, domestic abuse and violence and all areas of education.

I speak to raise awareness of these insidious crimes as well as educate in the long term effects of PTSD and cPTSD and the brain and mental health and other disorders linked to toxic long-term trauma as well as many areas of learning disabilities, gifted and talented education, processing disorders and all areas of autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) to name just a few.

I also speak to educate about coercive control, consent, stalking, victim blaming, grooming, gaslighting and love bombing.

I speak at charity events, conferences, in schools, colleges and universities and businesses and organisations to educate and raise awareness of safeguarding, child protection, child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Bookings are welcomed, please contact me through my contact page or feel free to email me.

“Elaine has spoken at a number of Voicing CSA meetings and has since become an Ambassador for the organisation and is a much valued member of the team. Elaine’s expertise and passion has been key to the team that has helped shape Voicing CSA into what it has become today. Her professionalism is integral to being her; a wonderful lady with much compassion and understanding and kindness. I value her as a colleague and friend who has supported me personally and professionally; I’m honoured to know and work with her.” Founder Voicing CSA UK CIC

Here are a few of the talks I have given:

“I have known Elaine for a number of years and have always respected her professionalism and approach to sensitive issues concerning domestic violence, coercive control, childhood sexual abuse, gas lighting and love bombing to name just a few of her areas of expertise, knowledge and experience.” Founder Voicing CSA UK CIC


Escape Charity Event – Raising Awareness of Child Sexual with the cast of Coronation Street

Elaine Hook & Mandy Coupland (Nottingham Survivors Group) with Chris Harper who plays “Nathan” the Child Sexual Exploitation Perpetrator in the current Coronation storyline with “Bethany” played by Lucy Fallon. Both Chris & Lucy are Ambassadors for Voicing CSA CIC.

Elaine Hook and Phil Lafferty (Founder of Voicing CSA) spent many hours discussing CSE, CSA and Domestic Abuse and Violence with Chris from a survivor’s perspective to assist with the cause.